Meet Me in the San Luis!

This wonderful building, with absolutely no structural problems, could be so much more than a parking lot. We envision residential, or reuse into a hotel as it once was. Who wouldn’t like to stay at a retro 60’s mid-century icon? Who wouldn’t enjoy a cocktail or dinner in its lounge? How many regional municipalities or national cities have something like that? Why are we throwing away that which makes St. Louis shine?

View more images at architect and 28th ward resident Paul Hohmann’s Flickr!


One response to “Meet Me in the San Luis!

  1. Please see the fliers posted Wednesday, 6/18 along Euclid Avenue in the neighborhood. More effort is to come, because we really must save this building to preserve the strong urban character of Lindell Boulevard corridor. Parking lots are anethema to the very idea of what is urban, and this historic neighborhood deserves much better than the suburbanization of its streets and blocks. Let’s keep it urban, and save the San Luis Apartment building. Tell everyone you know.

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