Love-In a Huge Success!

Photograph by Toby Weiss.

Photograph by Toby Weiss.

The Friends of the San Luis want to thank everyone who attended our Valentines Day Love-In this past Saturday. We set out to show the San Luis some affection and didn’t disappoint – replete with counter-protesters and police officers, the event did much to spread awareness of the building’s worth and the current threat against it.  Over seventy-five people signed our Love Letter to express their devotion, and we received city-wide press coverage. Look forward to San Luis updates on the website and in your inboxes soon!

 For those of you who missed the Love-In, take a gander at these photographs and videos of the proclamations, poems,  interviews, and well-meaning silliness which made the event such a uniquely St. Louis success:

Photograph by Lynn Josse.

Photograph by Lynn Josse.


One response to “Love-In a Huge Success!

  1. What an amazing, city-affirming event this was! It was great to see so many people come out to support the Central West End – an utterly urban neighborhood that deserves a lot better than a surface parking lot.

    If I were a dues-paying Catholic, I would be very upset at the Archdiocese right now. Even though they complain about financial crisis, they are sitting on a high-rise building in a prime location. People want to talk to them about buying it. Instead, they want to spend money tearing it down. It’s bad planning, poor stewardship, and very very sad.

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