San Luis (DeVille Motor Hotel) circa 1965




5 responses to “San Luis (DeVille Motor Hotel) circa 1965

  1. Look at all those massive cars parked so nicely within the building’s ostensibly “small” and “unworkable” parking spaces!

  2. These were land yachts!

    And we couldn’t fit an SUV there?

    Please! Give me a break.

  3. Yeah, that’s what gets me. The pro-demolitioners keep saying that the existing parking spaces are “too small for today’s cars,” yet they neglect to realize that cars in the ’60s and ’70s were BIGGER than today’s vehicles.

  4. I could put my truck in those spots. It’s no bigger than those land yachts, and it’s as big as you can buy right now.

  5. If not for all the old brick buildings in the background, it almost looks like a beach resort!

    Minus the beach, of course.

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