Call Lyda Krewson!


San Luis, Saint Louis: Our Future?
San Luis, Saint Louis: Our Future?

Monday night, after many hours of citizen testimony (including from the Central West End Association) against the plan with zero resident testimony for demolition, the Preservation Board voted 3-2 to accept preliminary approval of the demolition of the San Luis Apartments. Members Fathman and Robinson voted against; member and Alderwoman Phyllis Young made the motion to approve while Richardson seconded and thus voted for it.  Board President Richard Callow broke the tie voting in favor without comment. Also lacking explanation members Burse, Killeen, Visintainer and Johnson were absent.

Dan Jay, architect for the project who will design the parking lot, commented in the Post Dispatch that demolition is imminent possibly starting next week.  Per the Preservation Board enabling ordinance we are able to file an appeal. It’s crucial that you call Alderwoman Krewson at (314) 622-3287 and email her at to support this appeal.

The demolition of this building and accompanying parking lot clearly violates the Central West End Historic District Standards and the Preservation Board Enabling ordinance — both of which are City Law passed by our elected officials at the behest of the citizenry.   This will be the basis for our appeal, but we need the chance to file!  You can make this happen by telling Lyda to slow this process down.


Douglas Duckworth

Friends of the San Luis



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