Support Historic Preservation in St. Louis?

Friends of the San Luis Inc are hosting a second fund raiser in order to support our legal battle seeking to protect democratic control over the built environment. We appealed Judge Dierker’s decision to the Missouri Court of Appeals. This effort cannot succeed without your support — and it’s quite easy to participate.

Support the policy which brought about St. Louis’ recent economic resurgence.  You can do this on December 11th 2009 by paying only 10 dollars for unlimited drinking and fun.  Located in Old North St. Louis Restoration Group’s new office, attendees will promote historic preservation and witness the impact of nearly 30 years of community development.

DJ Darren Snow will provide acoustic entertainment. We will also have raffles for classy T-Shirts and other assorted things.

If you can’t attend we are accepting donations.  Any amount will help ensure your citizen-rights.

Anti-Wrecking Ball Holiday Party on December 11 to Raise Funds for Preservation Legal Effort

December 1, 2009

For immediate release.

Contact: Douglas Duckworth 566-3465

On Friday, December 11, local preservationists will host another Anti-Wrecking Ball to raise funds for ongoing legal efforts. Darren Snow, host of KDHX’s “Rocket 88” program, is the DJ for the party. Alll who attend will be entered into a raffle for prizes from STL Style, St. Louis Cinemas and other local businesses.

When: Friday, December 11
Where: Old North St. Louis Community Gallery, 2700 N. 14
th Street

Cost: $10 (includes beer)

The Anti-Wrecking Ball will raise funds for the ongoing appeal of this year’s ruling by St. Louis Circuit Court Judge Robert Dierker that citizens have no standing under city preservation law.

When the Preservation Board approved — by a close 3-2 vote — demolition of the modern San Luis Apartments in June, the Friends of the San Luis filed an injunction in court. Under city preservation law, the citizens who make up Friends of the San Luis have a right to appeal – but only after a demolition permit has been issued! The Friends sued to stop demolition so we could appeal the Preservation Board ruling.

However, Judge Dierker ruled against the Friends, and not because he thought their argument was wrong, but because he thinks that citizens who are not owners of property threatened with demolition should have no right to protest or appeal. The San Luis Apartments were demolished this summer, but the ruling left a bigger issue that affects all citizens regardless of what they think about that one particular building.

Unchallenged, Dierker’s ruling could impede citizen efforts to save community landmarks across the city. The Friends of the San Luis filed an appeal to the Missouri Court of Appeals in September to stand up for future preservation efforts. The Friends of the San Luis believe that citizen rights should not be demolished along with the San Luis Apartments.

Consequently, the Friends of the San Luis and other preservationists have organized the Anti-Wrecking Ball to raise funds to cover attorney’s fees. After the Friends wins its appeal, the Anti-Wrecking Ball movement will continue to raise money for legal costs associated with citizen preservation action.

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