Anti-Wrecking Ball Soulard Stable Hootenanny!

We happily announce the third official Anti-Wrecking Ball fundraiser supporting Friends of the San Luis’ ongoing appeal of last year’s ruling by St. Louis Circuit Court Judge Robert Dierker, which severely limits your ability to challenge the demolition of historic buildings in St. Louis City.

When: Saturday, May 22nd 8PM

Where: Historic Stahl Stables, 2412 Menard 63104

Cost: 10$ (includes one free keg beer)


Union Electric
Pretty Little Empire

The San Luis Apartments were torn down last summer while the parking lot at Lindell and Taylor will be completed this year.  Unfortunately, in St. Louis City many buildings are threatened with demolition and these controversies shall appear in the future.  When this occurs your right to challenge demolition must not be subject to interpretation.  For your voice to have weight Dierker’s ruling must not stand.  It contradicts the intent of our duly elected Board of Aldermen when they enacted Ordinance 64689.  Dierker wrongly held that only residents within proximity of the historic building may dispute its demolition.  Since the active use of these buildings maximizes our general welfare independent of subjective neighborhood or Ward boundaries, such a narrow misinterpretation of law undermines the purpose of our preservation ordinances.  Therefore all residents of St. Louis City have not only legal standing, but an obligation to testify before the Preservation Board as well as contest any potential errant administrative rulings through appeal.

Demolition of the National Register worthy “High Merit” San Luis Apartments violated the Preservation Board’s legal groundwork.  According to Ordinance 64689 these buildings are never to be demolished.  Whether another office building downtown for a parking garage, or your favorite neighborhood building for a gas station, if it becomes precedent Dierker’s ruling will impede your ability to save our historic City landmarks.  To reaffirm your rights, in September of 2009 we sought relief from the Missouri Court of Appeals.  This will not bring back the San Luis Apartments, but rather reinforce your ability to democratically question any future demolitions.  Our oral arguments will be heard this Wednesday May 5th 11-noon at downtown’s once threatened Old Post Office (Missouri Court of Appeals).  Members of the public are certainly invited.

The impact of demolition reverberates throughout the City while the benefits of preservation are not isolated to one neighborhood.  Besides securing your democratic voice, any support will help cover our attorney’s fees.  After our impending legal victory, we will continue fundraising for preservation action.  In that spirit, half of the proceeds from this event will also benefit the St. Louis Building Arts Foundation — an irreplaceable (yet under-appreciated) — resource containing thousands of relics from past City landmarks.

If you are unable to attend we accept donations through Paypal!

For more information visit our website, the Building Arts Foundation, or call 566-3465.

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