Soulard Stable Hootenanny Tomorrow

After watching the St. Louis Centre Skybridge come down this Friday, don’t forget to support historic preservation in St. Louis this Saturday by spending only 10 dollars for quality entertainment!  In addition to the acoustic splendor of three fantastic bands, local icon Bill Streeter will screen a two minute clip of his upcoming film Brick by Chance and Fortune. We must take a stand for our built environment or at least tomorrow dance and sing!

Identity conflict involving the demolition of historic structures for generic glass condominiums spurs debate in other cities, though in St. Louis — for many decades — we choose replacement with parking structures.  This practice devalues our City stymieing the establishment of true neighborhoods whether artistic and creative or the more homogeneous (where these “luxury” glass condos would exist).  Whether gritty and edgy or more sterile, neither outcome will be affirmed when parking becomes the pervasive land use dominating the street scape.

St. Louis must invest in itself if it seeks any purpose beyond subordination to others within the Region.  If demolitions continue our burgeoning neighborhoods, from Cherokee Street to Washington Avenue, will not reach their potential.  Decisions being made now will echo for decades.  Your continued support remains ever appreciated and will be needed in future advocacy for our irreplaceable buildings.  Together we can promote smart building practices which supports our progressive spirit and honors our cosmopolitan heritage!

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